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Mickey & Minnie Oreos

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

This is a great month let me tell ya, so many things in November. It's that time when everyone starts to kick off the holiday season (I will be listening to Christmas music for the next two months - yippee!). Decorations and Christmas cheer starts to emerge. My husband and I share a birthday during Thanksgiving break. Food and family is plentiful and let's not forget all the black Friday deals! Are you excited yet?! Well let's add one more fun thing to your November this year. A very special guy is turning 90 and deserves some celebrating. So in honor of the one-and-only Mickey Mouse I think we should all indulge in some of these delicious Oreo treats, as a tribute ya know? Cheers to 90 years!

double stuffed Oreo cookies

mini Oreo cookies

bag of red Wilton candy melts

bag of pink wilton candy melts

white confetti sprinkles (from Wilton)

1. Twist the mini Oreo halves apart into single Oreos. Using the edge of a knife, scrape off all remaining frosting (on both halves).

2. Insert mini Oreos into the tops of the larger Oreos to make the ears. I push in gently until secured in the frosting.

3. In a small (but deep) glass dish, melt chocolate according to package directions. Dip Oreos in chocolate slightly more than halfway. Lift out and place on parchment paper.

4. Make sure to decorate each Oreo with sprinkles immediately after dipping. The chocolate dries pretty fast. I use a pair of tweezers (for baking use only) to drop the sprinkles on the chocolate. Mickey gets 2 and Minnie gets 5!

5. Use the extra pink chocolate to pipe small bows on the Minnie Oreos. You can use a piping bag or the corner of a plastic bag with the tip cut off. Finish with a sprinkle in the middle of each bow.

6. Happy Birthday Mickey!

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