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Christmas Tree Truffles

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

I'll be honest, I'm pretty excited that these turned out as cute as they did. As I mentioned before I love new and different Oreo ball variations - especially the holiday ones. I was a bit skeptical making the trees white - which is easier and cheaper than the colored chocolate but it all worked out! Not to mention decorating 30 of these little guys really got me excited for Christmas. As you can see I'm a bit OCD and had to have identical ornaments (one of every color) on each and every tree. You are more than welcome to do that, but you can really just sprinkle them like a normal person. I made both a "Fun" and "Fancy" version, and I love them both. Now is the time to grab all of those pricey holiday sprinkles. They are all 50 - 75% off at Jo-Anne Fabrics, Wilton, and Michaels stores. I know everyone loves a good Christmas clearance!

1 package regular Oreos (about 36)

6 oz. cream cheese (room temperature)

16-24 oz white almond bark

funfetti frosting (or any white frosting)

green food coloring

pretzel sticks (preferably Snyders which are longer and thicker)

star and circle sprinkles

parchment/wax paper

1. Crush Oreos in food processor or crush in plastic bag.

2. Combine crushed Oreos and cream cheese in electric mixer until it forms a ball.

3. Roll mixture into balls. I use a small cookie scoop so all of them are the same size. Shape balls into a triangle/tree shapes. Place half of a pretzel stick inside the bottom of each tree (broken side goes inside).

4. Place trees on a cookie sheet or tray covered in parchment/wax paper. Freeze the trees for 1 hour.

5. Melt the almond bark according to package directions stirring frequently. Do not microwave too long or chocolate will burn.

6. Remove trees from freezer. Gently holding the pretzel stick dip the trees in chocolate completely. Tap to remove excess chocolate and scrape bottom of the tree on the side of the bowl. Place on wax paper to harden.

7. Prepare the green frosting. Put the funfetti frosting in a small bowl stirring in green food coloring until desired color is reached. I liked the lighter mint color green for my trees but you can certainly go darker.

8. Put your frosting in a piping bag with a circle tip or a plastic bag with the corner cut off. Squiggle the green frosting over your trees from top to bottom. This will not dry hard so you will have as much time as you need to decorate.

9. Decorate your trees as pretty as you like. The stores have so many options to choose from. This is the fun part, enjoy!

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